are kindly requested execute theses according to the requirements – it will speed up consideration of your application. Timely sending of abstracts, executed strictly in accordance with the rules provide a publication in the Collection.

Rules and registration template: DOWNLOAD

Materials should be submitted in Russian or English.

General Document Properties (redaktor MS Word, File should be called by the name of the first author and not exceed in the amount of 5 MB):

–        A4 - page format, portrait orientation;
–        fields: top - 20 mm, lower - 20 mm, left and right - 20 mm; –        font Times New Roman, main text - 11 Fri, captions, the name and content of tables - 11 Fri;
–        line spacing -, Space before and after paragraph no, indent of the "red line" 10 mm;
–        hyphenation is turned off;
–        pictures arranged in the text, drawings and formulas do not put "over the text";
–        in decimals use a "point";
–        amount: 1-2 full pages.

The circuit arrangement of materials:

Job title: CAPITALS, bold, centered.

The list of authors: bold, centered, name and surname initials are written after the family name, after the initials put point, initials are separated each other and are separated from the name by a single whitespace. Co-authors of the work are separated by a comma. Rapporteur surname highlights.

SUMMARY Name of the organization: centered, the legal status of the organization (FGBOU IN, FGBUN etc.) not specified. If a the work is done in several organizations, each organization indicated in separate line, italic.

On the next line - email Rapporteur.

If your thesis presented in Russian, next stitching CAPITALS indicate the name in English.

After the name in English - an empty string.

Abstract in English up 100-200 words

The abstracts: width alignment. If necessary, highlight the text using italics and underline.

Literary references in the text are enclosed in square parentheses [1, 2…]. References are listed at the end of the abstracts and issued by the rules of the Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.

Between the text of abstracts and references from weaning up and down 6 Fri - information about grants, programs, etc., in which the work is done (italics, width alignment).

 theses, appointed in violation of these requirements, The program committee will not be considered!

 Abstract submission must be carried out exclusively in on-line mode on the conference website when registration.

For the citizens of Russia it is mandatory send an image file with a copy of permission to publish (ivanov_vm-1.jpg). Originals permission to publish (only for Russian citizens) must sent to the address: 119334, Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, D.49, lab.10, Prutskov MV.

Will be allowed only reports, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of