Within the framework of the Conference will be organized Youth school-conference with international participation, the work of which will is aimed at supporting the creative activity of young researchers and graduate students of academic institutions, public research centers, of enterprises, engaged in the decision of scientific and technical problems and high schools, what in will further contribute to the involvement of young scientists in the scientific community. At the site of the Youth School-Conference, it is planned to familiarize young scientists with the latest methods and results of IMET scientific research RAS and other invited organizations, including their involvement in Information exchange in strength, deformation and destruction of materials and nanomaterials. In accordance with the regulations of the Youth School-Conference scientific reports will be provided by young researchers, engineers, masters and graduate students under the age of 35 years old. As part of Youth of the school-conference will be organized competition for the best report with the presentation of souvenirs and certificates.

The objectives youth School conference are:

  • a meeting, exchange of experience and      information about the achievements of young scientists, graduate and      senior students, working in the fields, related to the study      strength properties and dimensions change deformation materials;
  • familiarizing young scientists      employees, graduate and undergraduate students with the latest advances both in the field of deformation materials research, and in      the creation and study of new high-functional materials      and nanomaterials.
  •  The scientific program Youth School-Conference provides:
  • lectures by leading experts      of the largest scientific centers in Russia;
  • youth session, on      which young scientists will be able to make oral and poster presentations;
  • seminars with elements of round      table and public debate.
  • The scientific program of the youth      School-Conference provides: lectures by leading experts from largest scientific centers of Russia and foreign universities;