Section 1. General regularities of deformation and fracture of materials at the nano-, micro-and macrolevels. Stages of deformation and fracture processes under differentloading conditions.

Section 2. Physical processes involving plastic deformation and fracture.

Section 3. Production of submicrocrystalline and nanostructured materials by methods of severe plastic deformation.

Section 4. Development and optimization of material (and nanostructured materail) processing and production technologies based on the plastic deformation andfracture processes.

Section 5. New steels and alloys with the perspective microstructure and high mechanical properties.

Section 6. Production technology and mechanical properties of nanopowder materials.

Section 7. Creation of nanostructured coatings, surface layers and gradient structures for advanced materials with improved performance

Section 8. Strength and plasticity of advanced structural and functional materials and nanostructured materials (composites, high strength ceramics, heterostructures, fullerenes, foams and honeycomb structures).

Section 9. New materials (including biomedical materials, polymers, damping, fire-resistant)

Section 10. Deformation and fracture of construction and natural materials

Section 11: Tribotechnical aspects of deformation and fracture processes

Section 12. Resource assessment of machine elements, mechanisms, devices design, technologies allowing to preventing the destruction, methods protecting against catastrophic damage.

Section 13. State-of-the-art equipment and new efficient methods for studying deformationand fracture of materials and nanostructured materials

Section 14. Computer simulation and mathematical methods for characterizing the structure and mechanical behavior of materials and nanostructured materials

Within the framework of the VII International Conference "Deformation and Destruction of Materials and Nanomaterials" a youth school-conference will be held.

The goals of the youth school-conference are:

Meeting, exchange of experience and information on their achievements of young researchers, post-graduate students and senior students working in areas related to the study of strength characteristics and aspects of deformation changes in materials;

Familiarization of young researchers, graduate students and senior students with the latest achievements in both deformation studies of materials, and in the creation and study of new high-strength functional materials and nanomaterials.

The scientific program of the youth school-conference provides for:

  • Lectures of leading experts from the largest scientific centers of Russia;
  • Youth sessions where young scientists will be able to deliver oral and poster presentations;
  • Seminars with elements of a round table and public discussion.

The scientific program of the youth school-conference provides: lectures of leading specialists from the largest scientific centers of Russia and foreign universiti